Aurora Veritas

Aurora’s Veritas™ system is a common visualization, operations and administration system for all of the Aurora Decima™ measurement systems on a solar cell production line. Through Veritas, Decima units are seamlessly networked across a production line to provide unified operations and process information.

The Veritas technology maps the measurements from Aurora’s Decima back to the location in the furnace for perfect visualization. Veritas allows manufacturers to manage and control the performance of each diffusion furnace, a key early step in the production of solar cells. Veritas monitors the quality of each and every wafer from the diffusion furnaces, compares them with specifications and alarms operators when an off-specification issue or problematic trend arises. Production operators can quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve process issues as well as proactively adjust and optimize the diffusion furnace parameters leading to higher yield of top quality cells.

With the coordination and integration of inline measurements that this makes possible, Aurora delivers the means for significant improvements in all critical production line performance indicators. Veritas’s scalable architecture allows it to be economically applied from the smallest of production lines to the largest, making it easy to expand to meet future production growth.

Features & Benefits

  • Scalable, distributed architecture
  • Single process visualization and operator interface for all Decima measurement units on a production line
  • Yield optimization
  • Process alarming
  • Equipment health alarming
  • Rapid payback

Aurora’s Veritas system is designed to maximize a manufacturer’s financial performance by eliminating:

  • Excess production cost and waste due to the poor or late detection and removal of sub-standard products from the production line
  • Sub-optimal yield due to the lack of dynamic process control based on inline measurement


  • Designed specifically for cost-effective inline use
  • Links and coordinates all Decima™ measurement units on the production line
  • Unified operator and maintenance HMI