Aurora’s Decima™ measures the emitter dopant within a crystalline silicon photovoltaic (PV) wafer, similar to sheet resistance. This innovative product is the industry’s first inline, non-contact emitter dopant measurement system featuring whole-wafer mapping at full production throughput for 100% of manufactured cells. Featuring single or multi-track measurement capability, the Decima’s patent pending sensors and analysis technology provide accurate real-time measurements for process control and optimization.

Designed specifically for the PV production environment, the Decima provides rock-solid 24×7 continuous measurements, is compact and easily installed in a production line, and provide accurate characterization of both short and long term diffusion/annealing furnace behavior

The Decima is tolerant to production line faults such as misaligned, shingled or broken wafers. The modular head that sits above the production line connects to Aurora’s Veritas™, a quality control system for measurement integration and emitter formation.

The scalable architecture allows it to be economically applied from the smallest of production lines to the largest; making it easy to expand to meet future production growth. The design provides operators and engineering staff easy access to the required critical data to run, optimize and maintain production.

Features & Benefits

  • Inline, non-contacting continuous measurement
  • Single or multi-track configurations
  • Process alarming
  • Equipment health alarming
  • Scalable, distributed architecture
  • Easy to operate, service and maintain
  • Rapid payback


  • Designed specifically for cost-effective process integrated deployment
  • Capture all process variations in real time, all the time
  • Allows automatic process control for maximum product quality