Aurora Solar Technologies Receives Volume Order and Announces New Market Partner for China

North Vancouver, BC, February 12, 2019 – Aurora Solar Technologies Inc. (TSX.V: ACU) (the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has received a volume order from a China-based manufacturer of high-efficiency PERC solar cells. The order is for nine DM-110e measurements systems and is expected to ship in March or April 2019.

Aurora’s DM-110e was launched as a less expensive version of our DM product line, to address the price-sensitive market for the automation of manual sheet resistance measurements. The DM-100e is typically used by manufacturers for more limited testing after diffusion and, like all of our DM products, is a reliable non-contact system that prevents cell damage during testing, while providing high measurement accuracy and excellent repeatability.

“We are excited to have been awarded this significant level of business from a new customer in Aurora’s most important market,” said Gordon Deans, Aurora’s Chief Executive Officer. “It validates Aurora’s strategy for penetration of the unique China PV market and continues to demonstrate that Aurora’s products are essential for manufacturers focused on cost-effective high yield PV cell production,” he continued.

The company also announces that it has appointed Saratoga Technology as its market partner for China. Saratoga, with regional offices in Shanghai and Beijing, started working with China-based PV manufacturers when the industry emerged in 2006. Among other offerings, Saratoga sells and services metrology equipment for applications such as wafer defect detection, dopant profiling and thin film characterization. With more than 12 years in the industry, Saratoga has built a strong, positive reputation, and continues to supply critical metrology tools to nearly all top solar cell manufacturers in China today.

About Aurora Solar Technologies: Aurora’s mission is to deliver exceptional results to the photovoltaic industry through measurement, visualization and control of critical processes during solar cell manufacturing. We measure and map the results of critical cell fabrication processes, providing real-time visualization of material properties, cell parameters and production tool performance. Our products provide process engineers and production-line operators with the means to rapidly detect, analyze and correct process excursions, limit variations, and optimize processes, thereby increasing yield and profits. We are creating the quality control standard for the global photovoltaic manufacturing industry.

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