Aurora DM-110h

Inline Non-Contact Emitter Sheet Resistance Measurement

The DM-110h accurately and reliably measures emitter sheet resistance inline at full production speeds. The sensor uses safe reflected infrared light to produce high-resolution
characterization of emitter sheet resistance on a crystalline silicon wafer.

Representative Measurement Pattern
Representative Measurement Pattern


The DM-110h measures the emitter sheet resistance within crystalline silicon photovoltaic (PV) wafers. This innovative product is the industry’s most accurate and reliable non-contact measurement tool that
characterizes diffusion and annealing process results. It rapidly performs measurements on a pattern of
discrete points on each wafer, as presented by an automated wafer handling system. Its patented technology
provides accurate real-time measurements for process control and optimization.

The system integrates with Aurora’s Visualize™ quality control system and with furnace automation to align
measurements with the wafer positions in each batch. This provides real-time visualization of furnace
performance, both spatially and in time, enabling optimal control and tuning of the diffusion process.



  • Non-contacting emitter sheet resistance measurement
  • Designed for sample-based wafer measurement
  • High-speed measurements with wafer mapping capability
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Rock-solid long-term measurement stability
  • Automatic measurement triggering
  • Highly accurate and repeatable



  • Allows true characterization of both short- and long-term diffusion furnace behavior
  • Eliminates operator error and inconsistencies in offline measurement
  • Minimizes wafer damage caused by handling and four-point probe contact measurement
  • Reduces labor costs associated with offline sampling and SPC charting
  • Rapid payback



Measurement range (total)
20-200 ohms/square
Measurement Resolution
12 mm circular area per sample
Measurement Time (M6 wafer)
< 30 seconds
Standoff from Wafer
5 mm
Operating Temperature
20 to 25 °C
Measurement head and computer with monitor, mouse and keyboard
Mass (measurement head)
3 kg (not including power supply)
Size (measurement head)
191.5 mm x 132 mm x 200 mm
Mounting (measurement head)
6 x M5
Ventilation Clearance (measurement head)
100 mm (top)
Power Interface
50/60 Hz, 100-250 VAC
Automation communication
MES communication