WAVELABS and Aurora Solar Technologies announce strategic partnership for integration and marketing of their Insight™ and LED solar simulator products

North Vancouver, Canada, and Leipzig Germany, December 1, 2020 – Aurora Solar Technologies Inc. (TSX.V: ACU) (“Aurora”) and WAVELABS Solar Metrology Systems GmbH (“WAVELABS”) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership for the integration of Aurora’s InsightTM data science product for solar cell production yield optimization with WAVELABS’ solar cell testers. In the partnership, WAVELABS will provide specialized cell test functionality and data that can be used in the advanced versions of Aurora’s Insight product, and the companies will cooperate in the promotion, marketing and distribution of their respective products.


WAVELABS’ solar cell testers are revolutionizing the solar industry by enabling near-perfect efficiency measurement at the end of the solar cell manufacturing line. WAVELABS products use proprietary LED illumination for sunlight simulation and are also capable of illuminating cells during the test to provide additional information for use by the production line performance analysis algorithms in Aurora’s Insight (TM) product.


A solar cell tester, also known as a solar simulator or IV tester, performs a test on each finished good at the end of a solar cell production line. Each cell is subjected to a flash of simulated sunlight and it is then classified according to its electrical characteristics (current, voltage, power, etc.). This classification is used to sort the cells into categories for valuation and later assembly into solar panels.


Aurora’s InsightTM is a novel product using proprietary algorithms to evaluate the large volumes of data collected by the cell tester during solar cell fabrication. The Insight product evaluates these data to inform the manufacturer – in real time – how well its production equipment is performing, where problems may be occurring, or where yield might be improved.


The strategic partnership offers both companies the opportunity for co-marketing and the development of additional value-added features and functionality in their respective products to accelerate their respective business growth.


“We are very pleased to announce this partnership with WAVELABS,” said Gordon Deans, Aurora’s Chief Executive Officer. “The unique capabilities in their well-respected and unique LED solar cell testers are an excellent match with our Insight data science product. Aurora’s vision is to create a new industry standard by improving solar cell manufacturing yield and performance measurement through the intelligent mining and analysis of available data.”


“The production line optimization capabilities of Aurora’s Insight product in combination with our market-leading LED solar simulator will bring strong benefits to our customers. This supports our vision that solar will become the cheapest and smartest way to produce energy” said Dr. Torsten Brammer, WAVELABS’ Chief Executive Officer. “We are looking forward to building our business in partnership with Aurora as we look ahead into 2021.”


WAVELABS LED solar cell testers define the next generation end-of-line testing, already driving more than 40 GW of solar cell production capacity globally. WAVELABS uses propriety LED technology to simulate sunlight exceeding industry standards. “LED’s Copy The Sun” – only LEDs can offer the combination of low cost of operation, high reliability, and accommodating very flexible illumination specifications. WAVELABS LED solar cell testers are therefore the perfect platform to integrate essential value-added benefits into production.



About Aurora Solar Technologies:


Aurora Solar Technologies is a leader in the development and delivery of inline process measurement, analysis and control systems for solar cell manufacturers. We believe that solar power will dominate the renewable energy field, and our mission is to bring quality and profitability to every customer through superior control of critical processes during solar cell manufacturing.


Aurora’s products are used by some of the world’s most advanced and respected solar cell manufacturers. With headquarters near Vancouver, Canada, Aurora has operations in Shanghai, China and partners in all major solar manufacturing markets. Aurora is a public company, traded on the TSX Venture Exchange (ACU) and is a two-time TSX-V Top 50 winner.  Aurora’s website is located at www.aurorasolartech.com.



About WAVELABS Solar Metrology Systems GmbH:


WAVELABS Solar Metrology Systems GmbH develops and manufactures world leading LED solar simulators. We believe that solar power will be the number one power source soon. It is our mission to provide to the entire solar manufacturing value chain, starting from R&D labs, continuing with factories, and ending in solar parks, the best solar metrology equipment possible. We uphold the highest quality standards and innovate endlessly to produce value for our customers. With our current initiative “Take the Lab to the Fab” we are applying our expertise to help our customers to bring cutting edge laboratory analysis methods to the manufacturing floor.


Headquartered in Leipzig with R&D in Münster (Germany) WAVELABS is soundly grounded and upholds the promise of quality that is “Made in Germany”. We are serving more than 80 customers worldwide. Among them are all major solar R+D institutes and most of the top ten solar cell producers. Roughly one third of all solar cells produced each year see the light of a WAVELABS solar cell tester before they see the real sun. WAVELABS’ website is located at www.wavelabs.de.



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